Who are we?

Hi, we're Emma & Rupert and we recently converted a 2014 Mercedes Sprinter van into our tiny home on wheels. But first, let's rewind to Winter 2016 and one too many vodka shots...

At a mutual friends party in Winchester, Hampshire, sat next to each other during a rather messy game of drunk-Jenga - we found out neither of us had a great tolerance for vodka but we both love to laugh. From that first night we became inseparable, booking our first holiday after just a few weeks of dating to go wild camping and canoeing in Sweden.

It was a make or break trip and the fact that neither of us were thrown from the canoe cemented our relationship and joint passion for travel and adventure.

Since that first trip we've travelled around Spain, romanced in Santorini, spent my 30th birthday backpacking around Vietnam and now we're on our biggest adventure yet.

Travel, onwards. came from pure frustration. If you own a camper (either for holidays or as a home) you'll know how much of your heart and soul you put in to it. In such a small place, everything has to fit a purpose and each thing has to bring some amount of joy. When we were making the finishing touches to our van we spent weeks trawling the internet looking for beautiful things that would last in such a small space. We wanted our van to feel like a home. Frustratingly we didn't find one place that housed everything we needed and that's when we decided to create that space in our tiny corner of the web. 

Our first collection; The Camper Collection will be launch soon. We've started with 10 products and will be looking to expand as we go.  For now, we only ship to the UK.

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