If you are from the UK, there are new rules for long term travel in Europe. 


If you travel in Europe for more than three months each year, the new rules will affect you.  


This ebook is for:


  • Vanlifers

  • Motorhomers

  • Gap Year Students

  • Skiers (on a full ski season)

  • Backpackers

  • Retirement Trippers

  • Holiday Home Owners (who are not taking up residency)

  • European Holidayers (more than three months a year)


The ebook is clear & simple to understand.


Ignoring the rules could result in large fines, uncomfortable interviews with border police, deportation (with your van or motorhome left behind) and European travel bans.  

The Schengen Area: A guide for UK citizens travelling in Europe from 2021


The 40 Pages include:

  • Introduction 

    • Headline Rules

  • The Schengen Area

    • Schengen Area Map

    • Schengen and Non-Schengen Countries

    • Schengen Visa

    • The 90 / 180 Day Rule (with diagrams & visual examples to help explain the rolling window)

    • The Schengen Calculator and How To Use It

    • Border Crossings, Passport Stamps and Things You Now Need When Entering The Schengen Area 

    • Things to Remember & FAQs

    • Overstaying in the Schengen Area & the Penalties

    • Accidental Overstays & What to do

  • Options for Long Term Travel in Europe

  • Non-Schengen Travel 

    • Details for the 18 countries in Europe that you can still travel in without counting towards your 90 days in the Schengen area .  Includes a summary of the visa requirements, travel time restrictions, highlights and travel information for each country. 

  • Other Changes to Travel in Europe

    • Healthcare (EHICs & GHICs) & Travel Insurance

    • Driving

    • Pets 

    • Travelling with Food & Plants

    • Mobile Roaming

  • The Future

    • Entry / Exit System

    • European Travel Information and Authorisation System

  • Resources and Further Reading


Please note:

This ebook is aimed at long term travel in Europe for British passport holders (who are UK residents) and making sure you understand the Schengen rules.  It does not go into any great detail on visa and residency requirements for every country in Europe because they will not be appropriate for the ordinary traveller.  This ebook will still be helpful for holiday home owners who are not taking up residency in helping you understand the Schengen rules.